Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Fall!!

Happy Fall Everyone! It is starting (only starting) to cool off in the great state of AZ! Good for me because my belly is getting pretty big! We had another Dr. appt. today and everything is going great! I am so blessed to have a fairly easy pregnancy and have an amazing husband who helps me and still thinks I'm so beautiful! I can't believe Hadley will arrive in 2 months! I am so excited, yet feel kinda unprepared! We are in the process of finding a house, so wish us luck that we find one before she comes! No matter what I hear you can't ever completely be prepared, so I'll take that advice and just enjoy every day. I am very anxious to meet out little girl and to see her personality. It is so fun to already be able to see her little personality in the womb. The other day I was reading a book and resting my book on my stomach as I sat on the couch, well Hadley didn't like that very much! She kept kicking me and when I'd move the book, she'd stop! It was a little game we played for about 5 minutes, it sure made me smile! She is also very peculiar who she will let know that she is in there. Besides her mom and of course her daddy, she has a short selection of who actually gets to feel her kick and show off! It's pretty cute! Mike and I are doing great, Mike started school this semester. I am so proud of him for listening to the Spirit and moving forward with so much faith. He always does what is right and always has a smile while doing so. He is amazing and I am so grateful he is my husband. Hadley and I are sure lucky girls! This fall semester will bring so many fun and exciting changes and I know I am definitely looking forward to all the excitement and joy coming to our family!