Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's been happening in 2012?!

This year has been so fun and packed with lots of events! We started off by celebrating Kade's 10th birthday! It was a lot of fun and we love playing with cousins!

 The Whole Fam - Danny, Tara, Darrien, Kade, Skylar, and Jax (Baby Beckham is waiting to make his grand entrance any day now!)

 He got a Nook from his dad and family and from Grandpa & Grandma (my parents). He loved it!

 His mom and Danny also spoiled him by getting him a sweet BMX bike! 

 And a Justin Bieber shirt.. Haha he wore it proudly (even though it was a joke). Go Kade!

 Little Bridger is growing up fast and is so adorable!

 Hadley and her BFF for life, Tessa! They are clapping in excitement for our party that is about to start! We have had smoking parties and they've been so fun! Smoking as in BBQ on a smoker, just in case you were wondering...! It's been so fun to have lots of families and their kiddos over and are excited to have more! We've held 2 parties in January and are excited to see how many more we can have!

 They love to copy each other! Last night they had a screaming contest, it was hysterical!

 Being silly with daddy!

 Hadley is extremely independent! She has to have her own bowl, plate, utensil, etc.! And LOVES to feed herself without help! Although messy (and I mop my floor daily) I find it adorable.

 Hadley's new favorite food... blueberries! I bought a ton of blueberries and after washing them I put them on a towel to dry so I could freeze them. I was getting ready and wondered why she was awfully quiet, and I find Hadley had helped herself to the blueberries! She had pulled on the towel enough to have some of the berries fall to the floor. She was sitting in smashed berries that she had walked on and was happily eating as many as she could!

How could you not think it was cute though, she was so proud of herself for taking matters into her own hands and happy they were so delicious!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Look at 2011!

Wow, crazy to think January of 2012 is almost over! I remember as a kid, that 2012 sounded so far away and here we are!! We had a great 2011 and are planning on having an even better 2012! Here's a look at some of the things that happened in 2011...

 This was actually 2010, Hadley girl was a week old. But it's so fun to see how much she has grown from just last year!

 3 month photos!

 Park day with daddy!

 Mike's summer project while interning with Arizona West up in Heber, AZ. It is a youth camp for the LDS church.

 Fourth of July time!

 6 month photos!

 Visiting our favorite place, COLORADO!!

 Hadley loved the Colorado twigs, they were tasty!

 Seriously this is heaven on earth, I love this place!

 Hadley's 1st Disneyland trip! She loved it!

 I got to go see Taylor Swift's Speak Now Concert with my Mom, Kylee, & Shay - Thanks Mom!

 I love her, she is cute and a good role model for girls!

 9 months!

 Christmas time! She loved her 4X4 truck. Plays with it everyday. No joke!

 Learned to walk and loves her baby!

We loved 2011 and are loving 2012!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Years Celebration!

Okay Okay I know I'm 18 days late on posting this, but I've been busy keeping up with my goals for this year! Yay me! For the new year we went up north with Steve and Erin and their adorable little boys! We had a blast and cooked delicious food! We both love cooking and love good food, so it was so fun to lounge, play, and eat!

 Hudson and Hadley all bundled up ready to go on a quad ride!

 My little marshmallow!

 She's ready!

 Look how cute they look! Hudson borrowed one of Hadley's beanies because his was in Parker's room and he was napping! (that's why it's pink)

 She loves her older cousin, Parker!

 I love it!

 This was back home at our house. 

 Haha I love how Hadley is concerned she might not get on the back in time!

She loves standing up in the back of her truck while someone drives her around!

We had a blast in Snowflake and love playing with Parker and Hudson!!