Saturday, March 19, 2011

Headed up North!

So last weekend we headed up North with our friends, the Waters. It was a nice little getaway and we all had lots of fun. Chase and Bethany brought up quads to help keep us entertained. It was really fun to just relax and hang out. Oakley and Hadley had lots of fun, too!

Chase and Mike had a little track where they would ride the quads around and time themselves to see how fast they could complete it!
Hadley and Daddy on the quad!
Hadley didn't like just sitting on the quad so Mike took her for a little spin, she definitely enjoyed it! She is her daddy's daughter!
She loved every bit of it!
There she goes!
Chase and Oakley on the quad. Oakley loved it!

Hadley wondering why she isn't on the quad anymore!

Look at that face, I just want to eat those cheeks!
Oakley and Hadley playing together!

Aren't they so cute!! Thanks Chase and Bethany for going with us, it was a fun trip!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Spring Break before Spring Break!!

Well last week was one of the best weeks ever!! My brother (well pretty much my brother) and his wife came into town. So we had fun hanging out with them! It was an enjoyable week and we got to see Mike so much!! We had fun spending time together and with family and living the dream!

Kambri & Hadley at Kambri's 5th Birthday Party!
Coby, KaeDawn, and Braxton!
Braxton had fun at Freestone Park! He had to wear his cowboy hat everywhere, so cute!
Me and Hadley girl!
This is what Hadley did most of the time, took a nap!

This was crazy, we saw a bird catch a fish! And then eat it! You can see the fishy in its mouth!

Braxton liked to feed the ducks (whole bagels!)
Uncle Mikey and Brax on the Merry-Go-Round
Hadley girl got a little sun!
Such a beautiful day!
Our little family!
Mikey bought me a sweet camera for my birthday! I love it!!!!
Baby Hudson came the next day on March 9! He is such a sweetheart and so adorable!!
And little Hadley girl! She is growing up so fast and is so big! We sure love her and her little personality!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March!!

Happy March everyone!! Yesterday, I realized I have yet again neglected my blog... But then I thought "How sad, I haven't taken any pictures of Hadley pretty much the entire month of February!" I decided to attempt to make a blog post out of the few pictures that I did have and was surprised when I had a ton! So here are 28 pictures to recap the 28 days of February. What a fun month we had, we are loving life and Hadley girl is getting so big so fast! We had lots of family fun and excitement!

First off, baby Gunnar was born! Congrats Tanner and Merelips, he is the cutest!!
Look how little and sweet he is!
Uncle Mikey and that handsome little guy!
He is so precious!!

Wow, Hadley looks huge compared to Gunnar! After we came back from the hospital, we were shocked to think she feels huge compared to baby G!
And check out those long legs! She is her daddy's daughter! And I love that ruffle bum!
She found her hands and loves to eat them for a snack!
Hadley was deep in thought as dad was BBQing out back!
This one is a little fuzzy, but had to post it! Hadley is not too sure what she thinks about kisses, yet.
I just want to eat those cheeks!
Hadley is officially a "big" girl! She has to be held like a big girl or she'll let you have it! Here she is watching a little TV with daddy. She was in heaven and definitely felt like a big girl!
"Oh No! It's too scary!!"
"What has happened?!"
All is better, we took her bow off! Haha - Uncle Tyler always jokes when Hadley cries and says, "It's the bow, I'm telling ya!"
Our Valentines Celebration! Hadley girl got to dress up and wear her pink tutu as we made the rounds to the cousins' houses
To deliver our Valentine cookies we made for them! We sure had fun!
Mimi and Hadley girl!
By the time we got to Parker's house, she was conked out! Parker was already asleep too, but had fun seeing Aunt Erin & Uncle Steve.
At last home in bed, finally!
We celebrated Grandpa Larsen and McKay's birthday! McKay turned the big 16!! He is going to EVIT in the construction program and is loving it!
Daddy and Hadley watching McKay open up his presents!
Parker's in the middle of eating some ice cream for dessert!
He has some hilarious facial expressions! I love it!
Close up of Hadley in her cute zebra sweater! We sure love it!
She always has loved her hands, but lately she can't sleep without them touching her head!
Getting ready to roll!
On President's Day we had fun going up a bit past Four Peaks with some friends for the day. We cooked some steaks and roasted some starbursts! We thought it would be cold since it had rained all weekend, but boy we were almost sweating! I even got a little sun! And this is the only picture we took. We remembered at the end when Hadley was all strapped in, but hey at least we got one!