Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miss Independent!!

Lately Hadley girl has become even more independent! When she eats "big girl" food, she has decided she needs to do it herself, or if I am allowed to feed her, she has to help! So we came up with this brilliant plan to give Hadley her own spoon and then I feed her with a different one. That way she is "feeding herself". She is actually really coordinated and was great at getting her spoon in her mouth! Here's how it went...!

It was going good, until her gag reflex kicked in....

Take the spoon Mom, I've had enough! Luckily, when we tried again she learned her limits and is back to enjoying feeding herself!! Haha she is such a cutie and we sure love her!!

I Love My Daddy!!

Hadley sure loves her Daddy! She loves to play with daddy and he treats her like the Princess she is!

Daddy pulls Hadley behind his bike when we go on bike rides in the morning! Mike figured out a way to strap the carseat in the trailer so she is nice and safe!

Daddy lets Hadley watch Baby Einstein on his phone while we eat dinner! Keeps her entertained!


Hadley loves off-roading with Daddy! A few weekends ago it was a rainy weekend and Mike was watching Hadley. I came home to an extremely muddy driveway (actually the whole street had mud tracks). Mike said it was time for Hadley to get a taste of off-roading and she had fun!!

Later, Steve & Erin and the kids decided they wanted to try it out too! So we met up with them to have a little more fun in the mud!

It sure was fun!

Look at that muddy truck!

Don't worry we only stayed on the dirt roads!

Mike & Steve had a blast! We took the trucks through a car wash and Mike's still was filthy!!

Look at all that mud!!! It was a fun adventure and Hadley had a great time with her dad!

Growing Up So Fast!!

Hadley is already 5 months old! She recently had a Dr. visit and here is the latest:

Height: 25.5 in.

Weight: 14 lb. 2 oz.

Head Circumference: 43 cm

She is in the 75th percentile for height and 25th for weight! Sounds about right! She is sure growing up fast!

Hadley playing with her little gym. Next thing you know, she pulled the whole thing over trying to get that toy! She was quite amused seeing it knocked over!

She is getting really good at sitting up! She's almost there!

She loves to hold herself up (with a little help) on her toys!

And loves to sleep with blankets over her face!

She embraced the sippy cup and was such a big girl about holding it herself!

Hadley sure is cute and we are loving every moment with her!

Easter Weekend!

We had a very fun Easter weekend!

It started off with Breakfast with my family on Friday morning...

Kylee and Hadley girl!

Shay holding Hadley at the restaurant, Hadley loves her sippy cup!

Our basket full of goodies!

Hadley playing with one of her new toys! While I was trying to snap the picture, Uncle Tyler "attempted" to give Hadley a piece of chocolate! Everyone was laughing at me because I didn't even notice! Haha what a great photographer I am!

Grandma and Hadley! Hadley loves her new toy!

Next up, Hadley and I went to Aunt Meredith's to dye some Easter Eggs! This was the treat Hadley made for her cousins! It's hard to tell, but they were Rice Krispie Treats shaped in an egg with M&M's inside! We got the idea off a commercial, it was lots of fun! We had good time dying eggs with everyone! Then on Saturday we went to the Larsens for a BBQ and had a hunt to find our baskets!

Hadley girl in her Easter outfit just after church!

She loves to pose for the camera! I didn't get a great shot of her whole dress because I made the mistake of taking pictures after church, after she accidently broke her headband! And for the record she didn't break it because she doesn't like them, she loves headbands (just in case daddy and Uncle Tyler were wondering...HaHa!)

Next up, Easter dinner and a hunt for the kids at my Grandma's house. The cousins had fun finding all of the eggs!

Jaxon really got into it!

Skylar and Ana had fun together! Shay was nice enough to help them!

Skylar was also a good cousin and helped Nicholas find some of her eggs that she re-hid for him to find!

Hadley loved watching all the excitement! It sure was a fun Easter weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hadley girl loves her cousins and loves to play with them...

She takes naps with G-Man!

And watches movies with Parker!

She eats her fingers and gags herself!

One day she'll join in the fun of eating cereal!

She loves when Skylar holds her!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Air Show!

On Conference Saturday in between sessions, we met up with the Stouts and Larsens (Tanner, Meredith & Gunnar-not sure how we managed to not get any pictures with them...), and McKay at Falcon Field to see the Airplane Show. We had a lot of fun!

Hadley girl all excited to go!!

Such a happy girl!!

Look at that cute face!!

Kambri & Jase inside the Helicopter. Jase is giving the Falcon bones

The B-17 Bomber that was flown in WWII. Mike's Grandpa Tanner flew one of these (thanks Nick for the info)
They had a car show as well, Hadley girl matched this orange Bel Air

McKay found some shade in a tree!

Nick having fun with his little munchkins!

Aunt Lori & Hadley girl

Mike loved this bright yellow plane!

Hadley sure loves her daddy!

We sure had so much fun!!