Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hadley and Baby Bridger - Best of Cousins!

I know I know, this is only well 3 months overdue, but like I always say better late than never! It's true too, I loved late wedding (or any occasion) gifts, who wouldn't! Especially when you really aren't expecting them! Well my sister, Kori, had her little man and did an awesome job, might I say! I hope to be like her in the delivery room on the next go-around (no epidural - wow!) Tyler and Kori are such great parents, and we love having little Bridger around! He is so cute, and I don't mind watching him (hint, hint) if you ever need me too!

Mike (shortly after the shaved head bet) with Hadley and little Bridger Boy!

Grandma and Hadley girl! Hadley & Bridger have the best Grandma ever!

Hadley and Bridger boy. Oh he is adorable, I can't get over it!!

Looks like I am going to need to take some updated pics of the cousins together again!! They sure grow up fast! We love you Bridger boy, thanks for joining us!

Summer Time in Snowflake

Well, we are back! Mike, Hadley, and I spent a good portion of our summer up in Snowflake/Heber, AZ. Mike was working on a LDS youth camp in Heber, AZ with a construction company for his internship for ASU. Mike's parents have a cabin up in Snowflake and were generous enough to let us crash there for a few months, which is only 25 minutes away from Mike's work, so it was perfect! We had a blast and it was nice to get away from the heat, well cooler heat... If that makes sense! We came back down to the Valley on a lot of weekends though to see family and for birthdays, holiday celebrations, and Baby Bridger was born (more blog posts to come with these events)! Chase, Bethany, and Oakley came up to visit us for a weekend, we love hanging out with them! Hadley loves Oakley! The day they left, she learned how to crawl and learned to escape the Bumbo! Oakley is a great teacher, we love him!

Grandpa & Grandma helped us pack up to head to Snowflake - Grandpa closed Hadley in with her toys so she wouldn't wiggle off the couch!

Hadley likes to wear her bibs like a cape... She also loves to tip her entire body back as far as she can when drinking her sippy!

Oakley & Hadley missed each other, they say Hello by giving kisses (when forced too)

They love playing together, in the Bumbo and on the floor!

Mike and Chase had an extremely muddy, fun, time on the quads!

Look at all that mud!

Who can the other one the most dirty?!

I spy... a Foot and a Quad - they are camouflaged in mud!

Hadley loved to watch as they had fun in the mud!

Isn't she the cutest! She learned lots of new tricks over the summer, we had a blast and don't worry there are plenty more posts to come!!

Thanks Chase, Bethany, & Oakley for coming up to visit us, we had a Blast!!