Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2012

Apil was a fun month for our family!!! Hadley is growing up FAST and is such a smartie! She loves to be silly and is very curious....

I went to get her from her nap and this is how I found her!

LOVES to reorganize the house and help make Green Drink!

This is how she tries to get daddy's attention while he's working - she loves him!

The below pictures/commentary went something like this....
Hadley... what are you eating....?

Show me your hands, what do you have...?

I can see it's all gone....

Oh, a blue PAINTBALL... Yum did it taste like candy...?!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Easter was a blast and we had fun at all the different events!!

 First stop, Grandma & Grandpa's for a Easter brunch! 

 Our ward had an Easter egg hung at the park. They had over 1,000 eggs! It was so fun, we love our ward and there are a TON of kiddos!!

 Hadley had fun finding eggs to put in her basket!

Isn't she adorable!

 She'd clap for herself after she found an egg!

 Hadley and Bella!!

 On Easter morning, we went to Mimi & Grandpa's house. We had a yummy brunch and hunted for eggs with the cousins.

She'll go wherever she needs to, to find those eggs!

 Gunnar is adorable and found himself sittin on a pile of rocks!

Cousin Love!

We had a great Easter and we're grateful we could spend it with family and to be able to go to church to remember the real meaning of Easter. It's not about the eggs, or the bunny. It's about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and how grateful I personally am for the sacrifices He made for me and for all of us. I know that He lives and loves us!

March Twenty-Twelve!

March was such a fun month! We started off celebrating my birthday! My mom was sweet enough to throw me a big family party and we had a blast!! I got money from everyone to go towards my treadmill Mike is buying me (yes, it's almost May and we have yet to find one I LOVE...!) My sister-in-law Erin was so sweet and colored my hair for my birthday!! She rocks and was so thoughtful to think of me - as always!! On my actual birthday, Mike surprised me and took the day off from school!! We had fun getting lots of FREE food, went shopping at Forever 21, and then dropped our little tike off and headed to Joe's Farm Grill for another free meal! He is the sweetest husband, and I loved spending the day with him and Hadley!

Baby Beckham

 Kade wrote me a very cute Poem for my bday!! He is a stud!!

I LOVE that face!!

Hadley LOVED the monkeys!
 For Spring Break we headed to Del Mar, CA to stay at Mike's grandma's house - it is beautiful and overlooks the ocean!! We had a blast and started our trip out by going to the San Diego Zoo! Tanner, Meredith, & Gunnar joined us and we had a blast!!
 Having fun exploring!

Being Silly and playing Peek a Boo!

 Lounged around in style with her feet up!

A little of this happened...

 She loved showing us the animals she saw!!


 Polar Bears are REALLY tall!

 Our little Family!

 Attempting to pet the goats... she wasn't a fan!

 She adores her Daddy!

The next day, we went to SEA WORLD!

 We started out by checking out the Shamu Show!

 Watching closely to see the Whales!

We ate way too much ice cream (totally worth it), went hiking, played on the beach and headed to the pool! We are excited to head back to San Diego in July (hopefully Hadley will be more fond of the sand, seeing as we will be camping on the beach for an entire week!) 
We had a blast on our trip! and had an unforgettable March!!! 

February 2012

WOW! Time flies and we have been having soo much fun!! I know it's the end of April, but let's journey back into February to see what fun we were up to then! 

 First up... Dinner with my Uncle Jim!! It'd been a few years since we had seen him and his sweet girlfriend, so we were so excited to see him again!!
The Crew..

Hadley LOVES Bridger... She likes to sit on top of him...

And she figured out how to swing both of them!

Next up... McKay and Grandpa's birthday celebration!

Look how cute Hudson is!

Hadley is a BIG girl now and sits with the BIG kids for dinner! And yes, she is still a fantastic eater, thank goodness!!

Loves to Play the Piano!

Next, we got to watch the Mask Family while their parents were in Hawaii! Oh my heck, we had a BLAST! Seriously, such a solid and awesome family! We learned a ton of great ideas on how to be great a great family like they are, they are so strong in the gospel and really are amazing! And Hadley loved their kids!! Here is Ellie and Bella pushing her around in their doll stroller!

The older boys gettin some tips on cars from Mike! Mike found his new best friends!!

Exhausted after Makutu's Island!

Bella Loves Hadley, too!!
This cute girl took a nap UNDER her crib!

Hadley and Bella LOVE each other! Every morning when Hadley would wake up, she'd run to Bella and Ellie and give them hugs and kisses!

Next up, the PARK! We took advantage of the beautiful weather and hit up the park with Steve and Erin and their adorable boys!

Serious business...

Just Joking! Daddy got into paintballing with the Mask boys and Hadley thought she'd learn how also.. (note for all those thinking how horrible of parents we are.... this is a PAINTBALL gun, and it is NOT loaded)

My cutie is growing up soo fast!

The Dog Purse Hadley girl received from Bella's Mom and boy she LOVES it! On her way in and so excited to see Grandpa & Grandma!

We had an awesome February, stay tuned for March (it'll be up soon seeing as I update my blog in mass posts all at once!)