Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hadley's 2 Month Check-Up

HAPPY FEBRUARY!!!! On Monday, Hadley had her 2 month check-up with the Doc. She is doing fabulous! To recap her progress from previous doctor visits:

Birth: 6 lb. 15 oz. 20.5 in. long
3-day check-up: 6 lb. 9 oz. 20 in. long
1 month check-up: 8 lb. 6 oz. 22 in. long
2 month check-up: 9 lb. 13 oz. 23 in. long!

The doctor said she is growing great and is very healthy! She is such a happy and great baby! We are so grateful for her good health! Here's another load of pictures that I procrastinated in posting!

Look at those big blue eyes!

She loves her daddy!
Such a sweet girl!
We got half a smile on camera! Boy that sure is hard to capture.
Sleeping away in mommy's arms

She loves to sleep with one arm up...?!
I thought I'd take a few pictures, but apparently she wasn't in the mood!
"Seriously Mom, I'm trying to sleep"
Oops, I woke her up. She was too curious to know why I was taking so many pictures of her sleeping! Luckily though, she did fall back asleep shortly after to finish off her morning nap!
Hadley absolutely loves the bath tub! All I need to do is turn the water on and if she is crying, she stops immediately!
She kicks her little legs and is becoming more daring while being in the tub. She likes to push off from the wall and see how far she can slide! She also loves when her feet are under the running water. She is starting to splash around with her hands a bit, it's adorable!
Just chillin in the bath! Happy as can be!
Until it's time to get out...! Then this is what normally happens. She calms down though once her lotion is on and she is dressed.
Aunt Kylee and Hadley girl. I love this headband, our friend Brooke Springer, made it. Everyone always asks me where I bought it. When I tell them it's handmade they want to know who to buy them from!
Happy Hadley girl! She is very alert and very smart! She picks up on everything. Like the other day we had my nephew's baptism at 1:00. She normally eats every 3 hours during the day. It so happened that 1:00 would be her next feeding time. I was thinking to myself how awesome it would be if for the next 2 feedings she ate 2 1/2 hours apart so we can make it to the 1:00 baptism and sure enough that's exactly what she did!!
Love her hat and paci! Definitely get plenty of use out of both!
Taking a snooze on the couch with Daddy
Look how cute, daddy always makes sure Hadley is comfortable and happy!
Hadley sure loves her daddy! She loves to just look up at him when he holds her. And when she is sleeping she always pops her eyes open just to make sure he is still holding her.
And she's back asleep!
Look at that cute face! Mike has a full load this semester. He is taking 19 credit hours and working a ton! He has 2 online courses and last week did a lot of work from home. We have worked very hard to get Hadley on a routine. After some awake time in the morning, we put her down in her crib and let her fall asleep on her own. She takes about a 2 hour nap or so. Well, it's already begun... When daddy is home she will only sleep for about half the time and then whines until we take her out. After we pick her up and sit her in her swing next to daddy, she is as happy as she can be! Luckily, she has learned to be flexible with her routine. Plus, she knows time with daddy is special, especially when he isn't home much. I sure am proud of Mike though, he really does have a full-load and even though we don't get to see him or even talk to him as much as we'd like, he is doing a great job supporting his family! We are very blessed and grateful for him!
Hadley loves her little play gym that Great-Mimi got her for Christmas. She is really good at hitting the toys and loves to talk to them. She loves to "coo" at them!
She gets really excited after she hits one of the toys.
She is so proud of herself! She just beams when she accomplishes something.
And she also wonders why I am constantly taking so many pictures! Yesterday, I showed Hadley how to hit the monkey. When you slide the ball on the monkey, music plays. Well I turned around shortly after the music stopped and then all of a sudden it started back up! Hadley did it! I watched her for a couple of minutes and she continued to turn the music back on by hitting the monkey. It was so fun to watch!
And this is what daddy does (well only sometimes) when he is home working on his online courses... He flies around his helicopter!
He found the perfect Helicopter Pad to land his helicopter on... the diaper cake I was in the process of making for Meredith's shower!
Us Larsen girls at Meredith's baby shower! The food was delicious and it was so cute and very fun! Everyone had a great time!
Me and baby Hadley!
The completed diaper cake for Meredith. It was my first time making one and I really enjoyed making it!
My little cowgirl!
Aunt Kori got Hadley the cutest cowgirl boots. Oh I just love them!
Very stylish!
Hadley loves them!

Yesterday, when Hadley was doing "tummy time" (which she is very good at and is starting to enjoy it) she managed to roll herself onto her back when she was finished. It was cute to watch her face, she looked around and seemed a little shocked that she actually rolled over all on her own. I thought it was just a fluke thing, so I stuck her back on her stomach. Well apparently she really was finished with tummy time because she rolled back onto her back! This time she was very proud of herself for being able to roll!
Hadley sure is so much fun. These past 2 months have been a blast with her! We sure love her and are so excited for the many more fun times coming our way!

Hadley's Blessing Day!

Hadley Taylor Larsen was blessed in church by her daddy on January 2, 2011. It was a joyous day and we have many great memories! So I know there are a lot of pictures, but this was after I made lots of cuts. And then I remembered... Hey, this is my blog, I can post as many pictures as I feel like posting! So with that being said, enjoy all the many pictures below!!

Hadley was blessed in the same gown that my dad was christened in. She is actually the 4th generation to be blessed in this gorgeous gown. It was handmade by Hadley's great-great-great grandmother on the Barks side of the family. Wow, the detail on the gown is amazing and I am so glad she was able to wear it!!
Proud parents of a beautiful little girl!
We had a little luncheon at our home afterwards. It was very fun! Thank you so much to everyone for helping out! We sure appreciate all of your love and support! We served soup in bread bowls.
And had lots of yummy desserts and my favorite salad!
Yes, those napkins have an "H" on them!
And we had "H" sugar cookies that were delicious! Thanks Grandma for making those!A few of our guests! Heather and Jon, Lori, Shari, Aunt Sharilyn.Uncle Nick and Kambri!
Uncle McKay!
The flower centerpieces on the tables
Fixing Baby Hadley's headband, I love that headband!
Hadley girl and us along with Mimi and Grandpa Larsen.
The Boys who were in the circle with Hadley (Uncle Tyler had to dash off to teach at his church)
Hadley and the Boys with McKay!
Us with Grandma & Grandpa
I love her hand in this one. It must have been sunny or something...!
Cousin Kade and Hadley girl in Aunt Kylee's arms.
Great Grandparents Butler. Grandma Butler was gracious enough to preserve the gown so nicely! Thank you, it meant a lot for her to be blessed in such a beautiful gown with so much history!
Skylar Ray!
Jase found a stick to hit the older boys with! Little Boys are hilarious!
Hadley Girl!
I love these close-ups of her!
I just want to eat her cheeks!
Look at the detail of that gorgeous gown! All handmade!
She is such a sweet little angel!
All the pregnant ladies going back for seconds!! Keep feeding those babies!
Hadley loves her Aunt Shay!
And she loves her Aunt Kylee, too!
Kade, Skylar, and Jaxon love to play with Hadley.
Aunt Shay is good at getting those burps out!
Look at that cute daddy! He is so proud and happy to be a daddy, especially to be Hadley's daddy!
We are so happy to have you in our home Hadley Taylor!! We love you so much!