Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Elder Larsen!!

Today is Elder Trevor Larsen's 20th bday(also my parents anniversary-happy anniversary mom and dad)!! Happy Birthday Trev-dog! He is serving an LDS mission in Jacksonville, FL. He has been out now for almost 9 months! Time sure flies! It was so fun to talk with him on Mother's Day on Sunday. He is awesome and we sure love him! Here's a few pictures from the past...

McKay, Mike, & Trevor in Cali!

Trevor is AWESOME!!

Wow, look at that sandy face, how'd that happen...?!

Oh that's right, the boys built a tunnel in the sand and Trevor attempted to crawl through it!! Haha that was so awesome!!!

Trevor here in Florida! I stole this pic off their Mission blog! But he second one in on the left! Keep up the great work Elder Larsen! We sure love you back at home!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

An All American Day

A weekend or two ago, we spent the weekend the all American way... First we ate In N Out for lunch. Delicious burgers, fries, and a strawberry shake, of course! Then we headed to the pool to catch some sun! Hadley girl is obsessed with bath time, so we thought we'd take her swimming to see how she liked it!

She loves being outside!
Here she goes!!
It was a little cold, so I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not, but for the most part she did! She never cried at least!
A little unsure sometimes...
She even laughed when I would kick her feet and splash in the pool!

She loves her daddy!
She loved being "crazy" in the pool
Look at those rolls! And the shaved head...! Hadley's little rolls are adorable!
Warming up!
After swimming Hadley girl took a nap in her stroller for about an hour next to me and Meredith while we caught some sun and swam laps. The boys (Mike, Tanner, & McKay) had fun in the hot tub! Little Gunnar took a snooze too and then hung out with us girls once he got hungry!
It was a fun day and we are looking forward to having more fun in the summer sun!!

McKay's House

Mike's little brother, McKay, goes to EVIT for the Construction classes. He had the opportunity to build a little house, it's pretty awesome and we are glad we were able to check it out!

Good job McKay, it turned out AWESOME!!!

I'm a Big Boy Now!

So this one day Mike & Tanner decided to shave their heads.... It was pretty awesome, and we documented this night since it was hilarious! Pictures really are worth 1,000 Words!!

(Blogger is not working... it's formatting the pics wrong..)