Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Mike and I are extremely blessed in so many ways. We have a beautiful little daughter who is happy and very healthy! We have family and friends who are a blessing to us in many ways. We are blessed to have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We know Christ lives and will return again. We believe in paying tithing, 10% of all income we earn. Mike has been greatly blessed to have been awarded scholarship money for school. His grandfather also has generously set up a trust fund for all of his grand kids to help with college expenses. What a blessing both of these have been in our lives as Mike has decided to return to school to do what he loves! We had a feeling that we needed to pay tithing on this money (scholarships and trust money). Although it was not money we earned, we felt we needed to pay it anyways. The bible talks about giving the Lord 10% of our increase. For us, we felt that because this was an increase (although not earned income) and so we would pay tithing on it. It was a substantial amount of money to pay, for us, but we had faith and we want to give as generously as we can because we are incredibly blessed. So we paid our tithing on Sunday. Our check cleared on Tuesday. It just so happens, that same day, I was working on Mike's ASU school schedule for this Fall Semester. I was online at the ASU website all day. A notice popped up under Financial Aid, so I clicked on it. When I looked, I was shocked! Mike had received enough money in scholarships (for good grades, go Mike!) to cover his entire year of tuition at ASU for ALL of next year!!!! Wow! That is not a coincidence! We are truly grateful for our Heavenly Father watching over us and blessing us in so many ways! And even if Mike had not received any scholarships, we would still be very grateful to pay tithing to the Lord. We are indeed blessed!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing Up Fast!!

Well, Hadley girl is 6 1/2 months old!! Wow time flies! She has such a cute personality and we have so much fun with her! She has such a determination that is so adorable! Whatever she sets her mind too, she accomplishes! Here are a few of her recent milestones... She sat up completely by herself at the age of 5 or so months. She now has to sit up in the bath tub because you know she is a big girl! Hadley began "army crawling" at 6 months and is pretty fast! She has been up on all fours for awhile and rocks really hard back and forth and is now starting to get the hang of moving her knees and arms forward at the same time! She became more interested in household objects than her toys... She will crawl to anything that looks interesting and loves to crawl and try to eat peoples shoes and feet! Today I watched Hadley attempt to pull herself up on the TV stand after she crawled over to it...?!! She's now mobile!!

Baby Bridger, her newest cousin, was born! He is adorable and she loves to watch him (especially when he makes little noises). You can check out how cute he is here. I will post some pics of the cute little cousins together shortly!

Well, we love having Hadley around and she is so fun! I will post some updated pics of our family-fun summer adventures soon!