Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas 2010!!

Alright! I have procrastinated my blog for too long... So here are a ton of pictures from our Christmas! We are very blessed to have both our families here in town, we had a blast with all of them during the holidays!

First we started out having our annual Pajama Party at the Larsen's. They always pick out the cutest Christmas PJ's for everyone!

Just us girls!
And of course the boys!
Hadley and Kambri had matching tutu's on their PJ's. They are adorable!
Aunt Merelips and Hadley girl! I love how Hadley is looking at Meredith!
Parker just loves Hadley! This is on Christmas Eve at Mimi's house. She is so sweet to have everyone over. It was a blast! I love Hadley's little socks. Grandma Julie bought those for her, they are so cute!!
Christmas Morning as a family! Mike surprised me and bought me a camera! He is the best husband ever!! Not just for the camera, but for being so sweet and thoughtful. He is a hard worker and so positive. I love how he is so strong in the gospel and has a very strong testimony. He is absolutely amazing!!
Mikey Boy! I love his hair in this pic!
Hadley girl sleeping through our present opening.
We must be so exciting!
Not even tummy time could wake her up!
Next, we headed over to my parents for our Christmas Brunch! I absolutely love this brunch and look forward to it every Christmas. My mom always makes the best food ever! Here is Aunt Kylee with Hadley. Hadley sure loves her aunts!!
We both got cameras! And Aunt Kori recently announced she is having a boy! We are so excited to meet her little guy!
Shay got a puppy for Christmas. This is her opening her gift certificate for one that Tyler and Kori gave her. It was awesome! Now all she needs to do is talk my parents into letting her keep it! One of the funniest moments that day, my mom's face when Shay opened her present!
Yeah!! My parents got me a baby jogger. It's sweet! You can use it as a jogger or as a bike trailer! Woo Hoo!
Hadley is so cute! I know she's my child and I am supposed to think that, but really she is the cutest!! She sure loves her Grandma!
Grandma got Hadley a cute activity toy that looks really fun to play with!
Hadley sleeping away in Uncle Tyler's arms. Funny enough, we were all upstairs playing the Kinect. It's like the Wii, but way cooler for xBox. You don't need to hold any controllers, it senses your movement by camera. It was very noisy, but that's what Hadley loves... Noise!
Next we headed over to Mimi and Grandpa Larsen's. We had so much fun talking to Uncle Trevor and spending time together. Mike got a sweet gun and I got a Cricut!! It was an awesome day!

Parker came to greet Hadley!
Uncle Steve and Hadley in her cute Christmas outfit Grandma Julie bought. It sure was fun to have a Christmas outfit to dress her in!
Parker man and his drinks! Mike captured this classic moment!
Everyone got to talk to Trevor! He is doing great on his mission in Florida. Here is Mikey saying Hi to him. Trevor is such a great kid, we sure miss him but are grateful he is doing the Lord's work and being such a focused and awesome missionary!
Mike also captured this picture of Parker, it is so cute I had to post it!
She is so fun to cuddle!
Hadley Girl and her Momma!
And she is out! What an eventful day!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hadley's Birth Announcement

Here is Hadley's Birth Announcement! We also combined it into being our Christmas card since it was Christmas time! I absolutely love our photographer Jessica, with Sierra Studios! She did an awesome job taking Hadley's newborn pics and some family photos! Here are just a few of our favorite!

In the days since....

Well I know I am way behind on blogging, but I still wanted to post these cute pics from the days since Hadley girl arrived! She has been so fun to have around and Mike and I are thrilled she chose us as her parents. She has such an adorable personality and we love her so so much!

Isn't he just the cutest daddy!
I absolutely love these boots!
Daddy and his little princess holding hands!
Hadley joined us right before Mike and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!
Since Hadley was only 5 days old, we celebrated our anniversary with a delicious dinner that Mikey made for us! We had yummy steak fajitas with rice and beans. We even made horchata and had the good stuff Coca-Cola made with real sugar from Mexico. Happy 1 Year Mikey! I love you so much and am so grateful you are my husband for eternity. We make a great family and I know that is because of your amazing character! You are my strength!
Getting ready for Bed!
Hadley loves to joke and tease like her daddy. She is learning very young. She thought she'd poop and pee on Grandma right in the middle of her diaper change. She knew that mommy did the same thing to Grandma when mommy was a newborn. It was pretty funny and we definitely all laughed Hadley!
Hadley girl does loves her Grandma!!
And she also loves loves her hands! They are always in her face! Actually, in the womb I always had this funny feeling and I couldn't quite describe it until she arrived and has had her hands in her face since then. I could feel her with her hands in her face and she would move her fingers around. It's fun to think that's what I was feeling! She still loves her hands up next to her face like she did in the womb!
And hates her hat in her face! She is so funny! She will scream incredibly loud if her hat falls down to far. The second I move it, she stops instantly. This girl makes me laugh!
I can't help but smile when I see this adorable face!
And this adorable flower butt! I love it!
We sure love Hadley and have so much fun getting to know her sweet spirit and cute personality!

Cousin Fun!!

Since Hadley was born in November and being RSV season, her cousins weren't able to come and see her at the hospital. They were all very anxious though to meet her! Here are some pics below capturing those moments!

Skylar Rae
Aunt Tara with Hadley and Skylar and Jaxon
Jaxon very happy to finally hold Hadley!
I just love this girl!
Kade and Hadley Girl
Had to throw this one in, I love it!
Parker Man and Hadley

He loved kissing her cheeks!
And tried really hard to get Hadley to laugh! It was hilarious!
Kambri was very excited to finally get to hold Hadley!
She is a great cousin!
Jase trying to show Hadley a picture of herself on Mike's phone!
Jase's first time getting to hold Hadley!
What a proud Daddy! I must say he is the best in the world!