Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tori's Bridal Shower

My friend Tori was married in May, so a celebration was needed!! We had a bridal shower for her at my house - the days before that were busy baking and getting ready! Hadley and I love to throw parties, so we had fun!!

The Cookie Monster!!

When she saw the camera, she knew she wasn't in trouble for climing up on the table...

So she thought she'd eat what she could while I was snapping away!

Ignore the bad images...

Reunited again!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

McClellan's Going Away Party

We were sad to see our friends/neighbor's the McClellan's move away. We thought we'd invite the ward over to our house to celebrate the fun we'd all had with them!

Since we went to a BBQ smoking competition - we (meaning Mike) got serious with this smoking meat business and bought the below smoker...
 Just joking...! That's some serious money... No this pic and the next one are from the competition we went to and those are the people who became our newest mentors!

Tasting the Goodness!!
 Back to our party now...!
I threw this sign on my wreath to make our BBQ a little classier! :)

We cooked 20 lbs. (I think) of pork!

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We Love you McClellan Family!

This is my favorite... The fun will NEVER end!!!