Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011!

We had a very Merry Christmas over at our house! We had loads of fun with family, friends, our little Hadley girl! We have so much family and so much fun to pack in one day, so be prepared for an overload of pictures!! 25 pictures exactly, one for each day in December up until Christmas day! I purposely planned that! 

 She was a very good girl this year and look what Santa left for her, a 4X4 truck just like the one Mommy drives! (Haha in all seriousness though, I do drive the 4X4 Diesel truck as my daily driver)

 Thanks Daddy for telling Santa I was a good girl!

 Loving her truck!

 Next up, a stop at Grandmas. Hadley got a doll and everything she needs to be a good little mommy to her new baby (her baby doll, I'm not announcing anything, I swear)

 Surprise, surprise... Mike got a tool!! (And I don't have a pic of my present from my parents but they got me the cutest serving platters ever!! And yes, that is what I asked for.. I like that kinda stuff!)

 And this picture right here, sums up the coolest present ever! Kylee and Shay got a car!! Mike and my dad worked really hard to get that for them before Christmas and they did a great job! And the girls were completely shocked, they didn't know what to even say! And check out that sweet HUGE bow, thanks Luke for the hookup!

After we madly rushed through gifts and breakfast at my mom's we headed to church. I love going to church on Christmas, it helps me keep the real spirit of Christmas in my thoughts and in my heart. 

 Next up, we got to talk to Elder Trevor Larsen!!! Here is us skyping with him! It was so awesome and we are so grateful for his hard work and awesomeness! I speak for the entire Larsen family, we LOVED skyping with him it was such an awesome experience!! We love you Trevor!

 Trevor meeting Hadley via Skype!

 My little muffin! Haha I love how her skirt is hiked up real high! And I LOVE that cheesy face!

 Hadley and Jase entertaining each other while we chat with Trevor

 Tanner & sweet little Kenzi

 Steve & Erin

 Yeah, we love taking pictures of each other taking pictures. And look how cute little Gunnar looks sippin on his bottle!
 Jase Face!

 Kambri helping Mimi and Grandpa open up presents!

 Haha I think this pic was right after McKay opened up his new pair of Wranglers! Love it!

 What a tool? Mike got ANOTHER tool?! Of course, what else would you get as a present...?!

 My little girl is definitely a GIRL! Kambri gave her this purse and she knew exactly what to do with it! It was so cute!
 My little girl is also a dare devil! Whoa, she has no fear!

 Later that night, we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner and Hadley got to play with her doll. And she knew exactly how to tend to her little baby. Oh it is adorable to watch her snuggle her baby!!

 And she pats her babies back, oh it is precious - let me tell you!!! Side story.... We went to Target today and she saw a babydoll in the toy section and started to laugh and get excited --- until she realized I wasn't giving it to her, then she cried and so I gave her the little sock monkey I had in my purse. Hadley patted her monkeys back like a baby and gave it a hug, but then she threw it down and reached out for the baby again, she only wanted her baby - Yes, I know my child is adorable! :)

 Kylee's favorite present (don't know how this beats a car... haha jk). Her "boyfriend" made her a shirt with his pic on it (he really isn't creepy - it was a joke people)

 Hadley walked to her baby and was so proud to finally get there!

 It's like 11:00 at night and when we got home Hadley wanted to ride in her truck WITH her baby! I love watching her baby go everywhere with her. She even crawls with her baby dragging in her hand.. Love it!

And there she is being a daredevil and climbing out the back! I love watching her play everyday, they are the absolute best memories in the making! I love my little girl and my amazing husband! They are the best presents that I get to have every day of my life forever and ever! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and felt the spirit of giving!! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mimi's Christmas Party!!

I love all the Holiday Christmas parties that are coming our way!! Last night, we had our annual Christmas party with Mimi (Mike's grandma)! This year all the aunts and uncles, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren met at Mimi's nursing home for a delicious dinner and a lot of fun!

 She is stunning as always!

 Mimi and her daughter, Linda

 All the kids singing Christmas songs! Look how Carter and Parker are just sitting nicely and taking it all in! Love it!

 My child was interested in a spoon.. Whatever entertains...

 My favorite present ever!

 She loves her cousins!

 And disliked Santa, again...

 Hudson's turn... Look at that beard...?!

 He's not quite sure....

 Yup, it's official he didn't like Santa either...

Oh that face kills me, he is adorable even when he cries!

Kambri loved helping Mimi open all her presents. 

We had so much fun and loved seeing all the family and Mimi! Mimi loved it and it seriously the greatest! She is so positive and determined and the most compassionate woman ever! She only looks at the positive in every situation and always finds a way to be grateful! We love Mimi and are so grateful for her great example in our lives! Mike and I always say we want to be like Mimi, and hope we can do great things like her! We love you Mimi!!!

A Visit With Santa

Bass Pro is really the absolute best place to go and see Santa! They have activities for all the kiddos to do and you have a virtual wait time so instead of standing in line for 2 hours you can walk around the store. 

 It was decorated so pretty!

 The cute train

All of Santa's Mail! The kids were writing letters at the tables nearby and then they stuck their letter in the mailbox! 
Well Mike and I got lucky and instead of having to wait that long, we got up to see Santa within 20 minutes!! That's our kind of Santa Visit. 

 But I guess Hadley didn't feel the same way we did....

 Apparently your 2nd visit with Santa is overrated...

 What if daddy is with you...?

"I guess he's not as scary when he's not holding me..."

Will Walk for Ice Cream....?

Will Hadley walk for ice cream....?

I think she's more interested in just eating the ice cream...!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will Walk for a Phone...?

Will walk for a phone....?

YUP! Stay tuned... will she walk for ice cream?!


December is here!! Wow, and it's almost over (it's flying by!)... Well we have had a lot of fun events happen so far.. Here is a few of our favorites!

 Our Ward sang at the Temple Lights. They did a great job!

 Hadley and her BFF for Life.. Tessa!
 It was so pretty and actually cold... It was fun to pull out my coat I hadn't gotten a chance to wear since our honeymoon! Ironically enough, we went and ate ice cream after with the Carters! :)
 Hadley and daddy snuggling...

 We had so much fun playing with Hudson & Parker while their parents were away for the weekend! We got to see Santa at breakfast! 

 We thought we'd add a third kid, poor Santa he was probably sweatin trying to not drop any of the kiddos! So needless to say this is the best one we got! None of the kiddies were scared of him though, they were all more just irritated I made them all squish on his lap! Haha it was AWESOME!

 This is how Hadley spends her naptime, sleeping like a crazy!

 Kenzi arrived!

She is adorable and we are so glad she is here!!

 She has quite the head of hair!! It is adorable!!

Isn't she just the sweetest??!!