Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Entry for Colorado - Porter Family Part 2

While staying with the Porter's, we also got to head up to their ranch. Oh my goodness, it is beautiful!!!

 We spotted lots of wildlife!

 I want to own a ranch like this someday!

 Hartleigh got to help drive!

 See isn't that beautiful!

 Next on this list, we got to visit these waterfalls!

 We are ready to hike up to the top!

 On the way up, we stopped inside a cave!

 Aceleigh, Hartleigh, and Alan



 My 2 new best friends!

 Hadley certainly enjoyed herself!

 Billet had been at a hockey camp in Canada and came home the day before we left. We were so glad we got to see him!

 Aceleigh did a great job feeding Hadley for me!

 And Hartleigh made sure Aceleigh only took the allotted time (4 spoonfuls) for her turn, since she was anxious to start her turn!
 Hadley loved Billet!

 She loved to crawl right over him - they both thought it was a fun game!

The Porter kids are so cute and so fun to play with!

We had the most amazing trip to Colorado! It was so beautiful and so fun and we are so excited to go back soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Colorado with the Porter Family - Adam's Lake

While we were in Colorado, we got to stay with the Porter Family! Hadley just loved the girls, and they loved to play with her! We were excited when we got the chance to drive up to Adam's Lake for the day. Adam's Lake is the lake that Mike had baptized Alan and his son, Billet. It's absolutely gorgeous up there! It's only 30 or so miles (I think), but it's takes like 2 1/2 hours to get up there since it's so rocky and bumpy! We had a blast and Hadley loved it!

Our destination! There was still a little snow on the mountain, too!

The Porter's!
On our way up to the top!

Hartleigh loved going wherever Hadley went!

Getting closer to the top.

We made it! The girls enjoyed fishing and playing near the lake.

And Hadley enjoyed eating sticks and dirt. Seriously, if I took it away from her she screamed and was so upset! Whatever keeps her happy right?!
Hartleigh is a great babysitter!

Hadley took a little snooze in a tree - How relaxing!

She loved playing with Joy and Alan

Same spot, new picture, and 3 years later!

And this time, Mike brought his favorite people with him!

Those favorite people, definitely include the Porter's, we love them!

Hadley loves to ride on Daddy's shoulders!

Next, up we headed down the mountain a bit to go fishing at a different lake.

Hartleigh caught a HUGE fish!

Aceleigh had so much fun fishing with her dad!

And Hadley girl absolutely loved every bit of it!! Can't you tell?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colorado with the Gentry's

Part 2 of our Colorado Adventure! We headed down to Grand Junction, CO and stayed with our friends, the Gentry's! They are so awesome and we loved catching up with them!

We had a blast swimming!

Those kids are so dang cute!

Hadley enjoyed being out in the sun playing with the big kids!

She loved ALL the attention! She is a people-person for sure!

She is not intimated by anyone!!! Even if they are bigger!

Jason & Mike

We love the Gentry's and hope we see them soon!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Colorado with Grandparents!

Mike, Hadley, and I had so much fun going to Colorado! Pictures don't do justice for how beautiful it is there! We hope to move to Colorado someday, hopefully soon!

We pulled into my Grandparents house - beautiful huh!

We saw deer everyday - they think they own my Grandpa's old truck

We went up into the mountains - about 5 minutes from the house to see this! No photoshopping necessary on these photos!

Daddy loved showing Hadley all God's beautiful creations!

Hadley loved smelling the gorgeous wild flowers!

There are hundreds of natural lakes and rivers up on the mountain - feel free to make this your desktop background - I know I did!

Hadley loves when Daddy holds her!

The view on the way down!

Daddy and Hadley getting ready to test out the 4-Runners!

Getting warmed up...

And Take-Off has begun!!

Flying Fast!

And the verdict.... She LOVED it!!! We loved going on Quad rides while we were there!

And for down time, we'd swing on the porch in the beautiful weather!! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the best vacation ever!!