Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Secret Petting Zoo!

We have so much fun with our friends in our neighborhood!! We love it here and hope we can buy a house in our ward - it's the best ward EVER!!! To break in mine & Mike's awesome $80 worth of socks (for socks right?! Haha it was for the Pioneer Trek - blogpost coming next) we took advantage of the last day of 85 degree weather and went on a 5 mile walk! We brought our friends along and had so much fun! We have the best places to walk and found a secret petting zoo! Well, okay, it was someone's backyard but he had a gumball machine full of hay pellets for the kids to feed all his animals! It was so fun! Tessa loved it and Hadley wasn't quite sure if she wanted to touch them... Yes, she is my daughter! Although she preferred to look she LOVED it!

They entertained themselves on the way home with the bottle of sunscreen!

They LOVE each other! 

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